Many tales say that since the very antique period, vine has always been present in SANCERRE.

Since 582, Grégoire de Tours wrote in his stories the existence of the vines.

Ain the XIIème century, the vineyard knows a large development, thanks to the Augustins de Saint Satur monks and the counts of Sancerre.

SANCERRE produced at this time a famous red wine mainly made out of Pinot Noir, exported by the Loire River. That is why it is often mentioned in the riyal writings.

The Duke Jean de Berry thought it was the best wine of the kingdom.

Closer to us, the vineyard has known many changes. Mainly planted with Pinot Noir, it was completely destroyed by the phylloxera at the end of the XIX century.

Afterwards the Sauvignon, particularly well adapted to the climate develops. The region and its men will make this wine with a remarkable quality.

Thanks to the Sauvignon the white wine SANCERRE got the Protected designation A.O.C. in 1936.

In 1959, the red wines and rosé, from Pinot Noir, noble variety of grape were then classified A.O.C.

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